Apollo Supply, Inc. is a Chicagoland commercial wholesale distributor specializing in lighting and lighting fixtures. We will go out of our way to get you the light you are looking for! As we continue to develop our site here please feel free to give our office a call to place an order, inquire about an item or ask a lighting related question.

Specialty Products Include:

Sockets and Lampholders: Halogen Sockets, HID Sockets, Fluorescent Sockets, Compact Fluorescent Sockets, Lampholders, Socket Adapters and Extenders

Emergency Batteries: NiCad, Lead Acid

Halogen: Low, Line and High Volt, Bipin,Single Ended, Double Ended, MR8, MR11, MR16, PAR and Heat Lamps

Shatter Resistant Coated: Silicone Coated Incandescent, Teflon Coated Incandescent, Safety Coated Fluorescent and Teflon Coated Metal Halide

Fluorescent: All Major Brand Push-in CFLs, European, Germicidal, Blacklights and Tube Guards
European Base: E14, 120/130 Volt European

Incandescent: Miniature, Decorative, Reflectors, PAR, Novelty, Sign, High Volt, Indicator, Stringer, Tubular and Heat Lamps

Krypton and Xenon: Wedge, Festoon, Single Ended and Rigid Loop Base

Audio Visual, Projection and Stage & Studio: ANSI Coded, Medical and LED

Ballasts: CFL, HID, Linear Fluorescent, Capacitors and Ignitors

Our products are used everywhere - in office buildings, schools, art galleries, hotels, hospitals, residences, retail stores, shopping malls, trade shows, and colleges, factories and warehouses.

Whatever your needs or requests, our experienced team is ready to help you by offering a full range of energy saving ideas.

Looking for a makeover? Our design specialists can also help you decide what fixtures are appropriate for your specific needs.

Thank you for your visit.

Lighting rebates are available for your business thru the Com Ed Smart Ideas program for Your Business. Com Ed offers cash incentives for qualified energy-efficient indoor and outdoor lighting retrofits . There are incentives for LED, hardwire compact fluorescent, metal halide and induction fixtures, as well as for lighting controls. Incentives for T12-to-T8 upgrades and other fluorescent retrofits also are available. Call or email us today for a free consultation to find out if your business qualifies for a rebate.